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1. What are Villages Lacrosse Club priorities?
VLC is invested in our student-athletes. We believe in creating not only better lacrosse players, but better young men who are ready to contribute positively to the world. Our priorities:
1st- Family
2nd- School
3rd- Athletics

At VLC, we believe if students focus and adhere to these priorities they will become great young men. Always honor, love, and be thankful for your family and the opportunity they have given you. School will always come next. STUDENT-athletes need to ensure they are taking care of their business in the classroom and if not, they will not be able to compete at VLC. With teachers at Nease High School, we are able to assist students in the classroom. Finally, student-athletes will prioritize practice and make sure they are at practice/tournaments early and prepared. When they are there, they will compete at their highest level (EFFORT), with positivity (ATTITUDE), and engage in constructive conversation (COMMUNICATION). At VLC we HAVE FUN and we PLAY FAST. 

2. What programs does VLC offer? 
VLC  will use their programs to develop fundamentals in an effort to improve individual skill development. VLC offers academy type training, position specific clinics, team practice, and travel teams that will compete in Florida and beyond in lacrosse tournaments. Our teams will be competitive at all levels. Ideally, we will field a team for each graduation year.

3. How do I learn more about lacrosse?

Lacrosse is the fastest game on two feet! We like to use multiple sports to compare our game. Lacrosse has the footwork, precision, and endurance of soccer. It has the toughness, skill, and hand-eye coordination of hockey. Additionally, lacrosse requires the short bursts, athleticism, and teamwork of football. Finally, the fastest game on two feet shares many offensive and defensive principles as basketball in addition to, the up-tempo pace. There are some great resources online but first, you should visit This site provides great information about the game we love, includes rules and all the latest news about the sport. Finally, the site provides US Lacrosse membership which ALL Villages Lacrosse Club athletes NEED.

4. How can parents get involved? 
VLC relies on a dedicated and peerless coaching staff. We honestly believe our staff can compete on a national level. The dedication and enthusiasm of our staff will provide a great experience for the student athlete. Parents are so vital in the success of our youth program. We have many phenomenal volunteers who assist with water, tent set-up, pre-game snacks and other necessary tournament needs. Additionally, our parent volunteers assist in the technological advancement of VLC, including this website! We thank those parents for their dedication and commitment to their son, their love of the game, and our Club. If you wish to get involved with VLC, you can contact the VLC President.

5. What is the time commitment for playing VLC?
We encourage all of our athletes to play multiple sports. Ideally, a student-athlete will play football/soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, and lacrosse in the spring. We believe that student-athletes who play multiple sports will develop teamwork, competitiveness, athletic IQ, and increase their athleticism.
However, for student-athletes who wish to compete in lacrosse, VLC offers multiple opportunities. We believe in superior preparation to assist players for their Spring High School season. We are looking to develop student-athletes individually so they can improve their TEAM. 
Programs vary from season-to-season and age group, however, all practices and sessions require mental and physical toughness. The time commitment includes 2-3 practices/week and 1-2 tournaments per session (Fall, Winter, Summer). Communication with our schedule will always be a priority with our staff.

6. How much does it cost to play lacrosse and for VLC? 
Costs will vary on a multitude of factors, but we will clearly communicate that during the registration process.  Our program is built to provide the players with access to quality instruction during the Fall, Winter, and Summer Sessions. These costs will include uniforms/gear, practice locations, league/tournament fees, referee fees, coaching costs, and recruiting information. With that being said, we pride ourselves on creating an affordable product with incredible value. If you have concerns, questions, or comments on pricing, please reach out to our VLC contacts at [email protected].

7. Why Villages Lacrosse Club? 
The staff at Villages realizes the importance lacrosse can have on a young man's life. It has given us all so much. We want to return the favor and instill our love, passion, and dedication to the game to the next generation of lacrosse players. We will always provide our best effort in instruction, promote an affordable product with great value, have creative, clean gear, and again, strive in an attempt to make our team members better people. Thank you.
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